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Why Autonomize AI

Our software allows you to integrate Trusted AI into your workflows to reduce administrative burden on clinicians and patients.

  • Deliver patient centric outcomes and positive experiences
  • Lower administrative costs and reduce  timelines by 50%
  • Improve productivity of clinicians and researchers by 10x


Our Trusted AI solutions are readily deployable, with the flexibility to integrate via API directly into your workflows and existing systems.

Accelerate Clinical Research

  • Digitize Protocols to optimize for enrollment & engagement
  • Accelerate patient matching to clinical trials

Patient Engagement & Activation

  • Develop a comprehensive health picture of patients
  • Deliver personalized member experiences

Clinical Decision Support

  • Recommend contextual clinical insights
  • Develop a comprehensive health picture from multimodal data

Healthcare Enterprise

  • Neural Search of internal private data sources
  • Turn multi-modal internal datasets to contextually searchable knowledge


Uniting human insight with machine precision. Trusted infrastructure for AI in healthcare.

  • Large Language Models (LLMs): Deployable Clinical and biomedical optimized LLMs fine-tunable for private data & audiences.
  • Evidence and Explainability: transparent approach that offers clear explanations for recommendations, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions.
  • Generative AI: to summarize, contextualize and visualize complex information, and effectively communicate.

Architectural Tenets

Privacy First

Configurable de-identification and tokenization of data before it leaves the customer environment.

Data Never Leaves

Data never leaves their customer/cloud (models to data model); option to deploy in a virtual private cloud (VPC).

Cloud Agnostic

Containerized architecture allows us to deploy rapidly across multiple cloud environments, allowing flexibility and choice.

Trusted AI

We are on a pursuit of a trusted AI-driven healthcare future, built on trust, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to human well-being.

Patient-Centric Design

At Autonomize AI, we place patients at the heart of our innovation process. By prioritizing their needs, experiences, and well-being, we ensure our AI-driven solutions elevate the quality of healthcare services and enhance patient outcomes.

Trusted AI

Data Privacy & Security

We understand the critical importance of protecting patient data. That's why we adhere to the highest regulatory standards and implement stringent measures to safeguard data privacy and security, fostering trust in our AI-driven healthcare solutions.

Ethical AI Development

Autonomize AI is dedicated to incorporating ethical frameworks and guidelines into every stage of our generative AI development. We ensure unbiased, transparent, and fair decision-making processes that align with the core values of healthcare.

Inclusivity & Accessibility

We strive to develop AI solutions that cater to diverse populations, considering various demographics, health conditions, and socio-economic backgrounds. Our goal is to promote equitable access to quality healthcare services for all through the power of AI.

Collaborative Human-Centered Design

At Autonomize AI, we emphasize the pairing of human insight with machine precision using human-centered design principles, co-piloting workflows, and continuously refining our AI systems for optimal performance, safety, and reliability.


Our mission is to make all of the world's biomedical knowledge accessible to power human health outcomes. We believe that empowering health professionals and patients with the right information in the right context at the right time, will accelerate outcomes for everyone.  We are pioneering a Trusted AI platform that allows healthcare organizations to build delightful human-centered experiences with data, with the right oversight and accountability of this powerful technology.

Leadership Team

Ganesh Padmanabhan
Ganesh Padmanabhan

CEO and Co-founder

Kris Nair
Kris Nair

CTO and Co-founder

Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen, M.D, M.B.A

Chief Medical Officer and Head of Strategy

Board of Directors

Ganesh Padmanabhan
Ganesh Padmanabhan

CEO, Director

Kris Nair
Kris Nair


Skip Fleshman
Skip Fleshman

Board Director

Brad Bentz
Brad Bentz

Board Observer

Advisory Board

Alvarez Tony
Anthony Alvarez


James Thomas
Dr. James Thomas


Nishi Viswanathan
Dr. Nishi Viswanathan


Ahmer Inam
Ahmer Inam



“Our culture can be summed up as being bold, acting fast and having fun while creating delightful experiences for our customers!”

Ganesh Padmanabhan, Founder & CEO